'It's now been around 1 year post the hip arthroscopy, and yesterday I completed the Brighton Marathon in 03:18:52. I would like to thank Mr Sturridge for his help in resolving my pain via the procedure which in turn has enabled me to run again. Whilst I wanted a faster time,  I'm still very happy to have completed this in such a short time post surgery. It was hard work coming back from the surgery, however if you want something enough in life , you'll do what it takes. This is proof that people can get back into running post this kind of surgery' DW Fleet.

'Dear Gill, Mr Sturridge replaced my hip joint last week, and if there's time, would you tell him progress is fantastic. My elder relatives have had 6 new hips between them and all say they've never seen such quick recovery. 
Very grateful.' CB Sandhurst

'Just to say thank you for my new hip. It is wonderful not to have that pain anymore.'
S.D Woking

'My mother continues to improve, and was pleased that Seb was so positive with her progress the other day when she came in for an Xray and consultation. I (and she) appreciates the significant amount of work and effort taken on her behalf to get her into Care Park and get her hip replaced. It has made life more bearable, provided some much missed mobility, and removed the increasing level of pain. All in all, a great result.
My thanks to you, everyone at Clare Park, and the wizard himself Mr Sturridge.' 

JM Camberley

'Please pass on my sincere thanks to Mr Sturridge for the operation and for the consultation last week. I left very clear about what had happened and how the xrays related to my leg. I was so excited about walking without crutches that I forgot to thank him for his confidence, approachability and thoroughness.' RT

' … I would be grateful if you could pass this on to Seb Sturridge. A photo of me
hiking with my husband in Yosemite National Park, California, and enjoying a glass of Californian red with my husband in the Napa Valley on our recent trip early October - thanks to the successful hip replacement Mr Sturridge.' CC Surrey

'I can’t find big enough words to thank you and your team for the operation you carried out in giving me a new hip. I cant believe after so many years of pain and discomfort how good I feel now. I will always be grateful to you. I would also like to thank the nurses and physios who cared for me so well during my stay at the hospital.'

'When you first saw me you clearly realised that I was absolutely petrified by the prospect of the operation from the outset. You gave me the confidence that the recommendations of the others who were consulted, who you had treated, was fully justified.' RH Woking 

'With many thanks to you I am free of pain,
And would like to visit your theatre again.
Also to submit a plan,
To have the same leading man.
Plus cast and crew,
No other team will do.
Denise could organise my trip,
To replace the other hip.
I will only have a bit part,
In the magic of your art.
But when I'm better and feeling new,
I will give you a five star review
Applauding your finesse,
Working for the NHS.' 

M Frimley

'I cannot praise Seb and his team enough for his professionalism and skill. I am in total disbelief as to how I feel at this stage of my post-op recovery and very excited about working towards full-fitness over the coming weeks. Please pass on my sincere thanks – and happy for you to use this as a testimonial if you wish. Seb is an amazing talent!' 

M.E Guildford

'Just wanted to send a belated thank you note for your patience with me, and for all you did regarding my new hips, with all the postponements, neurosis, OCD and general troublesomeness I laid at your doors. You have been fantastic!'  

'So,  I am glad to report it was all worth it and I am delighted with the result, the latest hip is still a bit tender some days but I can now stand completely straight (everyone thinks I am 2 inches taller!), and I walk almost normally (knees and ankles allowing)  for the first time in years. Its fantastic! Also when I last saw you Seb I had had improvement in hips but none in the knee. Well that has changed, and I can now even straighten my right knee too! ... My horizons are gradually opening again and I feel much more positive about life in general.  

So many , many thanks from both myself and Pat ! If surgeons have a "check a trade" website please tell me where I can give a five star review :-) '  AG Alton  

'Thank you is just not enough for the outstanding care and attention you and your excellent team gave me when I was at Clare Park for the replacement of my hip.'

'On this the second anniversary of my hip operation, I really thought I should write to thank you once again for such a wonderful and successful operation. I particularly wanted to tell you that on 3rd March lastyear, I was able to climb to the top (the golden gallery) of St. Paul's Cathedral. A height of aprox 350', and goodness know how many steps! I can also still, just, out run my grandson over 50 meters (he is 4 and a half). So a truly transformational operation, for which I thank you and your fantastic team at Frimley Park so much' 

PS Camberley

'I would like to thank you for the fantastic operations on both my knees. As I mentioned to you when you gave me the all clear last week, I now have two straight legs , for the first time for many years. I hope now, thanks to your skill, that I shall return to pleaying 18 holes of golf for a few more years at least.' 

BC Weybridge

'Just to say a huge thank you for my new hip. It was a wonderful not to have pain anymore. Thanks once again… SDI have really enjoyed working for you and am very sad I have to leave a job I love.'

'Mr Sturridge and his team did an excellent operation on me.  I wish to thank him and his team for the brilliant work they did.  It is progressing very well and I am very happy with it.  I wish to extend my gratitude for the care and kindness placed on me, I will never forget it' TM

We are so grateful for your skill and not only that , your continued care - how many times the lovely' nurse ' came to my room with a mother message from you concerning the plans to ward off the possibility of DVT, I lost count, and then the unexpected pleasure of discovering the voice we could hear round yet another corner in the ultrasound department at Frimley was yours - I rang the ward when I woke for the first time last night and spoke to the ward sister about further pain relief and she said you told them you would try to get there at 4pm, we were very touched.' GL

'I have been keen to write you and your team a letter of personal and heartfelt thanks for the truly superb way in which you have looked after me.'

'Thank you for your care and expertise. I am so grateful to be free of pain' 

SB Oakhaven.

'Thank you very much for your excellent care and exceptional professionalism. Because of you and your wonderful team I am doing very well and you have given me my life back' 

JH Woking

'Dear Dr Sturridge, I would like to thank you and all at Frimley Park Hospital in looking after me with such care. Thank you all'

'…I want to let you know it has been extremely successful and I have been walking the fells without difficulty and pain free! Many thanks to you and your team, which for you and your team, which for me has been a fantastic recovery due to your expertise and professionalism. Many thanks,
Just a small token of my appreciation for your care and patience during my weight loss in the run up to my surgery. I look forward to seeing you soon for my post-op check up. With many thanks and kind regards'

'… the staff here have been amazed by your skill and professionalism and they love working with you!!' NF Guildford

'… phoned to say that after 2 years of pain she has been pain free for 12 days since her hip replacement and she is delighted with her operation…' DS Frimley

'It is nearly the end of the 3rd week following the very successful left hip operation which you performed on me. After my first consultation with you when I emphasised how debilitating the leg length difference had been over the last 4-5 years, I am SO pleased that you were able to make that right. And it feels very good. I am tentatively walking without crutches for part of each day.  Thank you so much, and I dont suppose that you could just fix it so that the sunshine comes back and remains until September???? No, oh well just a thought!' 

CC Surrey

'Well, from being a rather daunting prospect still to come , its now in the past and my raggedy (man's!) hip has been replaced with a shiny new one with its own barcode!'

'Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of my knee replacement 'joint' and especially for the new straight leg. I am so pleased' VW.

'It has been just over three weeks since the operation to replace my hip. From the first day I felt like my old self and that has just got better and better. As you know I was able to go after staying just one night. I have made sure that I did all of excercises, I was walking, comfortably and safely, with just one crutch after three days. I went back to work the Monday after the op, albeit 10.30 to 3 and driven there by my husband. Every day has just seen more and more improvements and now I walk short distances, unaided, without any limp or "lean". I met Nicola C, one of the physios at MA, last week and she was totally amazed at the progress albeit clearly a big fan of yours! Nicola has given me some tougher exercises to do, at my request, just so that I can get back to walking and being normal again as soon as possible. Again, I'm making sure that I keep doing them. I have to say that everyone that I know is shocked and thrilled at the change and the speed of my recovery. I have definitely got a few future referrals for you! It is obviously down to your skill and I will be forever grateful that finally I am me again. No longer grumpy, "just holding on to it", miserable and upset, life has been completely transformed, thank you very very much. Words really are not enough but they are all I have.  

...thank you! It must be amazing to be able to give people their lives back.' LC Shalford